Terms And Conditions


The students have to get registered with the PLACEMENT CELL. On registration they will be given a onetime generated code. If they forget the code, it won’t be generated again. For every time a student applies for any company he should know his unique code.


The students will have to submit their resume in the format specified on the registration form.


The students are expected to attend the workshops/seminars organized for them by the PLACEMENT CELL for their training and skill development.


The students will be informed about the company visiting the campus and details of the company, job description, job location, CTC, etc as informed to us by the company.


The students who wish to apply for a particular company are required to register and submit the required details before the specified deadline. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ENTERTAINED.


The students should register and apply for any company only if they are satisfied with the company and the job description AND are willing to join the company.


Once a student registers for any company, IT IS MANDATORY to attend the selection procedure of the company on the day company visits the campus or at the company office on the specified date.


If a student fails to attend the selection procedure of any company twice during the course of the year, he will be DEBARRED from all other opportunities bought by PLACEMENT CELL.


If a student attends the selection process of a company and gets selected, he/she MUST ACCEPT the offer.


If a student declines the offer twice during the course of the year, he/she will be DEBARRED from participating in any other selection process of any company bought by PLACEMENT CELL.



Students are free to ask the companies any reasonable questions such as – company description, job description, job location, CTC, Transfer policy, Compensation, Bond, etc before giving their confirmation to the company or the PLACEMENT CELL.


Students need to understand that when they register themselves for any company and fail to attend the interview or the selection process it makes a bad impression of the college to the company and hence the company might not visit the campus for recruitment in future which will affect the college as well as student body at whole.


Also when a student declines an offer made by the company after getting selected he/she is depriving other fellow students of an opportunity as well as spoiling the reputation of the college.


If in any case a student fails to attend the selection process of any company he/she has to inform the PLACEMENT CELL in advance otherwise the student will be debarred from the process.